Telangana Tour Packages: Visit to the Rich Cultural Heritage 

Telangana, the southern Indian state which has the capital Hyderabad, is famously known for its Nizami or lavish lifestyle. Telangana is a place where history, architectural perfection, cultural heritage, diversity, and vibrance of spiritual tapestry, etc. This enchanting state has been one of the marvellous gems in our country that lets you delve into the mainstream gateway of landscape tourism. To promote Telangana tour packages, we have curated several Telangana tour packages specially for you. 

At Xenium Holidays, you'll get to experience the warmth of a place like Telangana that unfolds several dimensions of pilgrimage and nature's backdrop splendour with our bestselling Telangana tour packages. We assure you will get to explore the centuries-old traditions and timeless settlement of wonderful historical eras. 

From the iconic landmarks of Hyderabad Char Minar, the ancient tapestry of Warangal Fort, Nalgonda Lakes, the cascading waterfalls of Adilabad, and other tourist attractions of Telangana that offers you the plethora of a gipsies’ delight. 

So… what are you thinking again? Blow off the buzz and take note of this. Telangana is a place that's considered to be a historical buff for history enthusiasts, food connoisseurs, and those who want to capture the captivating nature's essence in their camera reels, and to anyone who's seeking spirituality and settling to the religious beliefs, Telangana has to offer it all to you. Cherish your Telangana tour package and give yourself and your loved ones, a chance to relive the momentum of elegance at historical monuments and ancient ruins of Telangana. Learn the cultural diversity, customs, beliefs, faiths, traditional artforms and sample the authentic culinary arts of the state of Telangana to make another good to the best memories of your life. 

15 Places that You Should Visit While Travelling to Telangana

Don't know which places to visit in Telangana? Don't worry. We've some of the most iconic suggestions for you to travel through Telangana and trust it, you won't regret these places to visit in Telangana. Read further to know more about the same:-

 1.Hyderabad - Known to be the city of pearls which is one of the most important and iconic landmarks of Hyderabad, Char Minar, where you can experience the best and raw side of Telangana, rather you'll feel like a local to take a visit to the hi-tech City of Hyderabad. Apart from Charminar, you can visit Golconda Fort, Hussain Sagar Lake and other tourist attractions in Hyderabad.

  1. Warangal - The city of Warangal is called the land of temples and ruins where a traveller gets to experience and explore the cultural heritage and historical tapestry of Telangana the best. From all the architectural masterpieces, ancient times temple complexes, and ruins including Thousand Pillar Temple and the iconic Warangal Fort, etc.
  1. Nizamabad - Nizamabad is another hit of Telangana that is famous for its historical and cultural beauty so that you can best adorn the rich history and antiquities of the place. From Nizamabad Fort, Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, Alisagar Reservoir to the ambience of local markets here, are classics that you should not miss on a tour to Telangana.
  1. Karimnagar - The city of Karimnagar is the gateway to cultural heritage in Telangana that has several historical and architectural masterpieces and is an example of elegance on its own. The city is home to various tourist attractions including Elgandal Fort, Lower Manair Dam, Vemulawada Temple.
  1. Nalgonda - Telangana welcomes you to its land of temples and Waterfalls where you can witness the vibrance and wilderness of mother nature all at one place. The hospitality and the historical inheritance of Nalgonda is home to the most popular places of Hyderabad and Telangana that are - Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Bhongir Fort, Kolanupaka Jain Temple and the witty rural and suburban villages where you can stroll through the lanes of local markets. 
  1. Adilabad - Want an immersive experience on your Telangana tour? Hop on the way through Adilabad and explore the natural splendour and its wildlife diversity with the majestic Kuntala Waterfalls (the green with vibrant natural theme waterfalls of Kuntala is located in the Sahyadri mountain range), the spiritual Basar Saraswati Temple that gives you a spiritual and serene experience with the divine blessings of goddess Saraswati, and the captivating Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary where you can get a chance to witness the wilderness of great flora and fauna like tigers, leopards, and beautiful birds.
  1. Mahabubnagar - The land of forts and temples, Mahabubnagar is known for its historical monuments and religious landmarks like Pillalamarri Banyan Tree, Gadwal Fort, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple.
  1. Medak - Medak is another dimension of joy and vibrancy as it provides the tourists with a tranquil retreat. The architectural wonders of this city calls the enthusiasts of history and architecture like Medak Cathedral, Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, Singur Dam and to name a few. 
  1. Sangareddy - The major tourist attractions of Sangareddy includes Sangareddy Fort, Manjeera Wildlife Sanctuary, Konda Pochamma Sagar Reservoir and so on where you can witness one of the most celebrated infrastructures in Telangana and relish the natural splendour of the city. 
  1. Jagtial - The cultural and religious Centre of Telangana is known for the spiritual vibrance and backdrop of cultural heritage sites that house several beautiful places to visit which includes Jagtial Fort, Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple, Mallaram Forest and much more. 
  1. Suryapet - The major tourist destinations of Suryapet in Telangana include Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Temple, Nakkala Gutta, Pillala Marri which has to offer its visitors with a grandeur of scenic landscapes and an epitome of serenity.
  1. Wanaparthy - The historic landmarks of Wanaparthy gives you a chance to melt down at the grandeur of its ancient ruins, historical towns and forts, the renowned temple and spiritual centres of Hinduism prominence. Some of these marvellous gems of Wanaparthy include Wanaparthy Palace, Kollapur Fort, Jatprole Waterfalls, and so on.
  1. Khammam - Khammam Fort, Papi Kondalu, Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary, etc gives the nature's bounty of the city of Khammam. Don't deviate from your thought of giving Telangana tour package/s that we've curated specially for you, just hit the ‘book your package’ button and go on to discover every inch of Khammam for a wild travelling experience in Telangana. 
  1. Jangaon - You can visit the land of forts and temples again in Telangana that is the house of various tourist popular spots such as Palakurthy Fort, Bhadrakali Temple, Surendrapuri, etc and awaken your spiritual senses to get connected with the lords of the divine..
  1. Nizamabad - The place of cultural heritage and natural wonders, Nizamabad is also known for its royal or Nizami lifestyle, backdrops of which dates back to historical times. The major attractions of Nizamabad are  Nizamabad Fort, Domakonda Fort, Nizam Sagar Dam and so on where you can go and discover the cultural and traditional brilliance of Telangana at its best. 

10 Amazing Things to Do in Telangana

If you've to travel or visit to Telangana, either for a reason of to explore the cultural state of southern India, you must not miss on the majorly proposed activities in Telangana. What are they? All the activities to do in Telangana are listed below for your reference, so go ahead and give it a read:- 

  • Explore the famous world heritage sites, ancient forts, monuments, and ancient temples for a cultural heritage experience 
  • Take nature walks to the historical tapestry of Telangana 
  • Take part in various exciting activities and sports like the thrill of rock climbing, rappelling, and river rafting at adventure hubs like Bhongir and Nagarjuna Sagar
  • Roam in to the wilderness of wildlife sanctuaries and go for a Jungle Safari at Kawal and Kinnerasani to witness an exotic flora and fauna, like lush greenery, tigers, leopards, cheetal, and deers
  • Get an immersive experience with the cultural festivities id Telangana stating the regional importance of arts in the state like Bonalu, Bathukamma, and Deccan Festivals and vibrant dance and music performances, etc
  • Go on a shopping spree for handicrafts and exquisite handmade artefacts, like Bidriware, Nirmal paintings, and Pochampally sarees, especially known for their intricate craftsmanship and designer implications
  • Sample one the local and authentic cuisines of Telangana that serves the most flavourful Hyderabadi biryani, Gongura pachadi, and Telangana-style desserts Ariselu and Pootharekulu, with some of the others
  • Visiting the sites that has religious importance and temples such as Yadagirigutta, Basar Saraswati Temple, and Chilkur Balaji Temple, etc which are known for the intricate architectural masterpieces and spiritual significance 
  • Witness the beautiful villages and rural or Suburban regions of Telangana that has most beautiful rustic themed ambience and you can also experience the traditional way to get lively with the cart ride and pottery making activities 
  • Explore the biggest and the most iconic film City of India - Ramoji Film City, the Hi-tech City of Hyderabad, Metro Rail development projects of the urban regions of Telangana 

What is the Best Time to Visit Telangana

Are you getting confused with when you should visit Telangana? Not anymore!

October to February: These months ranging from October to February are considered to be the best and most suitable time to travel to Telangana as the winter and less humid weather supports regional tourism. The pleasant weather of winters make it easy to travel to most of the tourist attractions there.

April to June: Whereas, if you're planning to visit Telangana in summer seasons, the visiting time will be a little tricky. However, you can enjoy various summer sports and fun activities in this season and outdoor water sports will be exciting to take part in, during summers.

Note: avoid travelling to Telangana from mid of June or post first week of June to August as the weather remains as harsh as possible. 

How do I Reach Telangana

Are you searching for a way to Telangana? Read further to navigate the most suitable modes of transport system through Telangana:-

By Air:

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is well-connected to every major city of India and the world that serves as the mainstream gateway to the state of Telangana. You can choose your travel date and book flights from the domestic or international airport/s at your nearest place and reach Telangana.

By Train: 

The major railway stations in Telangana are 

Hyderabad, Secunderabad, and Warangal from where regular and frequent trains are operated through the major Indian cities and suburbs of the neighbouring regions/states. You can book a comfortable and pocket friendly ticket to Telangana and travel there through train/s. 

By Road: 

Though, most of the visitors to Telangana prefer reaching there either via flight or by train because the travellers coming a long way from afar located states find it more suitable for them. However, if someone is willing to travel to Telangana via their personal car or four wheeler, there are well-connected highways connecting with neighbouring states of Telangana. 

Cuisines That You Must Try While Travelling to Telangana

  • Hyderabadi Biryani
  • Gongura Pachadi
  • Mirchi Bajji
  • Hyderabadi Haleem
  • Pesarattu
  • Qubani Ka Meetha
  • Sakinalu
  • Ariselu
  • Pootharekulu
  • Jonna Rotte


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