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Puducherry, also known by the name of Pondicherry, is located on the Coromandel coast which throws picturesque landscapes for its travellers. Also known as the French Riviera of the East, Puducherry stuns its visitors with the charm of French colonial blend of history and modernism; with the spiritual sanctuary, cultural and heritage sites, the tranquillity of shimmery beaches, and more than these are supporting factors of Puducherry's tourism.

Xenium Holidays has tailor-made Pondicherry tour packages that are especially designed to cater you with a world class travelling experience through the enriched tapestry of Puducherry. With all the embracing lines of Puducherry tour packages, you'll be enchanted to know what it has to offer you with idealistic tourist attractions, exciting and adventurous activities. 

The serenity of a haven like Puducherry or Pondicherry is situated on the Southeast coast of our country, full of adorning colonial buildings, vibrant and unparalleled charms of the place and the endurance of spirituality exudes old world charm to all. The ashrams like Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Auroville, the renowned spiritual and healing centres allure the attention of tourists from every corner of the world. Moreover, you will get a chance to explore the pristine beaches and coastlines like Promenade Beach and Paradise Beach that have to offer the tourists with serene retreats that attract visitors from all across the world. Additionally, one can have a sampling fusion of French, Tamil, and Creole cuisines with all the influences, tantalising taste buds with a punch of diverse flavours. The magnetic appeal of the not-so-bustling city lies in a perfect restored relaxation, spirituality, and cultural exploration. This is where Puducherry becomes one of the most loved and adorned tourist destinations in the world. 

Highly Recommended Places to Visit in Puducherry

Have you yet reached Puducherry? If not, are you planning to travel to Puducherry by any time? Because, if this might not be the possible facet, you are scrolling through this page! Well, if you're searching for a recommendation for travelling to Puducherry, we're always here to help you out. Read below some of the must visit places in Puducherry/Pondicherry that you should not miss on during your trip there:- 

Promenade Beach: You can take a stroll through the scenic lanes of the Promenade beach which is settled amid beautiful statues, sea facing cafeteria or restaurants, historical monuments and many other masterpieces.

Attractions: Gandhi Statue, War Memorial

Auroville: Experience the most tranquil, serene and spiritually high aura at this place while travelling to Puducherry and unwind all by yourself from body, mind and soul at its pristine beaches.

Attractions: Matrimandir, Auroville Beach

Paradise Beach: It's not a paradise by its name only, it's indeed a way through heaven that's secluded to the most beautiful boating activities, water sports and other rejuvenating activities to unwind one's mind.

Attractions: White sandy shores, boat rides

Sri Aurobindo Ashram: Are you also a seeker of spirituality and serenity? This sacred ashram of Auroville is the hub for spiritual teachings, healing practices that provides sessions of Yoga, yogic therapies, and meditation sadhana. 

Attractions: Samadhi, meditation sessions

Arikamedu: From the unearthed remnants and the historical records, to an archeological masterpiece that pitches the history of Roman era is your go to place in Puducherry. 

Attractions: Archaeological site, ancient ruins

Botanical Garden: The lush green ambience, blooming petals, botanical oasis, fountains, music and fountain shows, all are the reasons that calls you to the Botanical Garden of Puducherry. If you have a knack of natural ambience, you must go and visit this tourist place while travelling to Puducherry 

Attractions: Exotic flora, musical light fountains

French Quarter: Taking a stroll through the quaint lanes of French quarter will stun you for its typical colonial architecture, cafes, and boutiques to shop and hop on an adventurous joy

Attractions: Colonial architecture, vibrant lanes

Manakula Vinayagar Temple: It's one of the ancient temples that's dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. One among the most sacred places in Puducherry, it is an exquisite architectural masterpiece that you would relish its unparalleled charm.

Attractions: Elephant blessings, intricate carvings

Pondicherry Museum: Delve into the historical and cultural heritage of Pondicherry with a huge collection of memoranda and artefacts. 

Attractions: Historical artefacts, French colonial relics

Ousteri Lake: Escape through the tranquillity of Ousteri Lake shorelines and get a watchful experience with vibrant coloured birds, with their nestling rare species covered with a lush green surrounding. 

Attractions: Birdwatching, boating.

Description: Escape to the tranquil shores of Ousteri Lake and indulge in birdwatching amidst serene surroundings.

Jawahar Toy Museum: Whosoever doesn't miss childhood and doesn't ever got nostalgia hitting on their nerves for returning to the same golden era of childhood. But worry not! You can cherish all those childhood memories with the Jawahar toy museum by exploring a fascinating vintage collection of toys that has been summoned from all corners of the world. This place can be related to the ‘bachpan ki yaadon ka pitara’. 

Attractions: Vintage toys, exhibitions 

Goubert Market: This colourful local and old market is famously known for its stunning souvenirs, handicrafts, delectable and selective world class spice trades, and so on. 

Attractions: Local produce, handicrafts.

Serenity Beach: Are you also a sun person??? Then this beach is just for you, where you can soak up yourself to relax under the sun, get indulged in surfing on the waves, and watch the mysteriously vibrant sunrise and sunsets.

Attractions: Surfing, sunset watching 

Amazing Activities to Do in Puducherry

Confused about what you should do while travelling to Puducherry?? Worry not! We've listed some of the amazing and entertaining activities to do in Puducherry:-

  • Explore the city by Cycling and watch the French colonial architecture to witness historical tapestry 
  • Take part in Yoga and Meditation sessions to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul at a wellness centre 
  • Sample the best French Cuisine and get indulged in the delectable, gastronomic delights at French themes cafes/restaurants 
  • Spree on Shopping from the local and old markets such as at boutiques for unique handicrafts, clothing, and souvenirs 
  • Get involved in some of the Beach Activities and water sports like surfing, kayaking, beach volleyball, snorkelling, sunbathing or relax yourself by the seashores
  • Take a Boat Ride to Paradise Beach and spend your day with family or plan a picnic, basking, or swim like a water baby
  • Watch the golden sunset at the Rock Beach or take a cruise ride 
  • Exploration of Auroville to learn the philosophical grounds of human life and sustainability 
  • Get an immersive experience with a cultural concert of folk song and dance like Bharatanatyam

What is the Best Time to Visit Puducherry

If we talk about the best time to visit Puducherry, the most pleasant and convenient season to visit there is winter. From the months of October to March, the weather remains pleasurable making it ideal to go out and explore the major places or popular tourist destinations in Puducherry 

However, there's no restrictions to visit and explore the beautiful islands of Puducherry because obviously every season of mother nature brings us something. The springs has the vibrance and joy of blossoms, the summers get more fantasising as you can take part in several exciting water sports and games. The same goes for winters as it's considered to be the most suitable season to travel to Puducherry.

Apart from that, keep this in mind, if you plan your Puducherry tour itinerary in rainy seasons when it's pouring everywhere; the chances are more that you'll not be able to watch out for the beautiful sceneries and the most important places throughout the place. So, plan your tour package to Puducherry accordingly in advance. 

How do I Reach Puducherry?

Read below the modes of travel through Puducherry to better navigate a memorable trip:-

By Air:

Amenities of Puducherry domestic airport serve several flights connected from the major cities of India that include Chennai and Bangalore. For international travel through Puducherry, one can land in Chennai at the Chennai international airport which is almost 135 km away from Puducherry.

By Train: 

The railway station in Puducherry is connected well with the major railways of Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi that operates from these regions regularly. 

By Road: 

If a traveller wishes to reach Puducherry by roadways, it's also accessible to get connected with the national highways of neighbouring states Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, so you can convincingly travel to Puducherry by your personal car or traveller's cab. 

Foods to Try While Traveling to Puducherry

Want to know what you should eat while traveling to Puducherry? Here are some of the highly recommended food items that you should sample in Puducherry:-

  • Creole-style fish curry 
  • Pondicherry Biryani
  • Chettinadu Chicken
  • Pondicherry Seafood Platter
  • Pondicherry Crab Curry
  • Masala Dosa
  • Mysore Pak

There are more of Puducherry to offer to its travellers than these. You can checkout other specific Puducherry tour packages here, whether you have to go in a group of your loved ones, friends, solo, or whatsoever. We've especially curated Puducherry tour packages for you, so why is the wait? Book your best tour package to Puducherry with Xenium Holidays right now!

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Beach Tour Of Pondicherry

Duration : 2 Night / 3 Days

Route : Trip starts from Chennai 2N Pondicherry+1

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  • Sightseeing
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