Nagaland Tour Packages: Explore the Land of Festivals

Nagaland is situated in the North eastern region of India and is also one among the seven sisters of this part. Nestled amidst mountains and lush greenery that projects an iconic major landscape of northeast India is worth giving a visit at least once in your lifetime. Nagaland separates India from Myanmar as it works as the boundary between these two countries and it has numerous cultural differences from other parts of the country. The culture, the tradition, the festival, the local population and the residents of Nagaland are mystical and considered to be humble of all who are generally induced into farming and serving mother nature. The beauty of nature, historical tapestry and the wonderful traditional values is what attracts tourists from all across the globe to Nagaland.

A tour to Nagaland does not only provoke you to wander across natural landscapes filled with wildlife and a variety of flora and fauna but it also fantasises an enthralling adventure experience. Not only this, Nagaland is also been termed as the ‘Switzerland of the East’ as it has been one of the major attractions of nature's splendour. 

But if you are thinking that all these experiences will cost you a hefty amount, then you must be wrong. As we at Xenium Holidays, have curated special tour packages to Nagaland, just for you. These travel packages are adventure friendly and in your budget at the same time, such that you need not to worry about your travelling expenses through Nagaland anymore. You just get ready to explore the most beautiful and vibrant part of the country and discover one among the seven sister States of North eastern India. You will get a chance to witness the colourful tribal culture, natural landscapes, the traditional festivities and the unique culinary experience as Nagaland has more than it has to offer you. 

So what are you waiting for? Hop on to discover an age old tradition of the Naga tribes who are known worldwide for their cultural and traditional variations. Explore small towns and villages cradled amidst the great Himalayan foots. You'll also get to experience a trail of trekking through the Dzukou Valley to explore the ancient village of Khonoma. Don't wait until the right time comes, grab your best tour package to Nagaland with Xenium Holidays right now.

Top Places To Visit While Your Tour in Nagaland

If you are a traveller and searching for rejuvenating your body, mind and soul, then a tour to Nagaland will work wonders for you. Not only the natural landscapes but also the cultural variations will fantasise you. Here are top 5 places that you must visit while travelling to Nagaland for an immersive experience:- 


It is a historical city of Nagaland that houses stunning landscape lakes and major tourist sites. The city of Dimapur acts as the gateway to Kohima. 

Major attractions: Chumukedima Village, Diezephe Craft Village, Nagaland Zoological Park, Sumi Town Baptist Church, Dimapur Jain Temple, and The Kachari Ruins. 


Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland, is another gem that you should not miss visiting while you are on a trip to Nagaland. 

Major attractions: Hima War Memorial, Japfu Peak, Dzukou Valley, Shilloi Lake, State Museum, and World War II Cemetery.


This city of Nagaland is more of an offbeat holiday tourist destination surrounded by the backdrop of nature. Sangatam, Seema and Amichungar are the tribal groups among the Naga tribes. 

Major attractions: Naga culture and traditions, folk culture, cuisines of Naga tribes. 


If you are searching for a place that gives natural and tribal culture enthusiasm, then the city of Mon is just marvellous. If you are taking courage to visit this city, you will be able to witness the seac landscapes of Assam plains from a point in Mon.

Major attractions: Veda Peak, Shangnyu Village, Chui Village, Longwa Village, and Naginimora.


Nagaland’s breathtaking sight can be witnessed here at its best, as Wokha is enriched with the hilly terrains, lively flora, and fauna and is the home to Lotha tribe that are indulged into agriculture of pineapples, plums, and oranges with organic farming. 

Major attractions: Mount Tiyi, Doyang River, Doyang Hydro Project, Tehurang Valley, and Baghty Valley.

What Should I do While Travelling to Nagaland? 

If you are asking this question then there is a possibility of you wanting to experience a plethora of adventure and nature's vibrance. Read here the list of engaging and enriching activities/things to do in Nagaland:- 

Hornbill Festival: 

Be a part of the world known Hornbill Festival that shows an extravagant cultural backdrop of Nagaland where you can experience vibrant tribal dance forms, folk songs, indigenous games and the taste of Naga cuisines.

Trekking trails: 

Take a trail to the scenic trekking sites of Nagaland such as Dzukou Valley, Japfu Peak, and Mount Saramati, to encounter a diversity in the flora and fauna. 

Exploration of villages: 

Witness the cultural heritage of the State of Nagaland through their villages and experience the warmth of Naga hospitality. The Heritage villages of Nagaland include Kisama, near Kohima where you can get an immersive exploration of old Naga houses craftsmanship and a different agricultural practices that shows ancient tapestry of the tribes residing in Nagaland. 

Handicraft Shopping spree:

You can go shopping for free through the markets of Nagaland to buy some intricate handicrafts and handwoven Naga shawls, textiles, bamboo goods, hand curated jewellery, and much more. 

Sampling the taste buds: 

Taste the most flavourful and diverse taste of Naga cuisine such as bamboo shoot curry, axone, the ant chutney and spicy culinary.

Kohima War Cemetery visit: 

Visit the war cemetery of Kohima and pay homage to the courageous warriors photo part and get martyred in the Battle of Kohima at World war II. 

Wildlife adventures & Safari:

If you are a nature enthusiast, then trust us Nagaland is your place to visit as soon as possible. Get an experience of imbibing on a

wildlife safari at Intanki National Park, and Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary where you can witness major wildlife creatures such as 

Hoolock Gibbon, Asiatic Black Bear, Deer, and vibrant species of birds.

Expeditions for photography: 

If you are very fond of capturing moments and the natures bliss, Nagaland gives you an expedition to photography and an endless opportunity to click the stunning wonders of Nagaland. 

Immersive culture exploration:


Enjoy watching or participating in vibrant cultural activities of Nagaland such as folk song, traditional music, tribal dance, art village festivals and the custom of appreciation through the locals of the state. 

What is the Best Time To Visit Nagaland?

If you ask about the perfect timing to visit Nagaland, then let us tell you you can visit this state anytime throughout the year and different weather is responsible for a variation in activities going on in Nagaland. Read below when should you visit Nagaland:-

October to May

The months of October through my is considered to be an ideal time to visit Nagaland and the springs/winters of the season welcomes a plethora of joy in Natural landscapes and the lush grandeur. 

March to June

The month of March to June is hot and summer when temperatures are usually around 20°C - 36°C. Summer seasons remain pleasant enough to enjoy several other outdoor activities because the weather there is not too cold and not too hot during this time. Luckily if you are visiting during these months you can also experience rainfall and the most beautiful and scenic natural views of Nagaland. 

July to October

Monsoons are an epitome of nature's bliss within the months of July to October and at these times the temperature usually lies somewhere between 25°C - 16°C. Well, in heavy monsoon days, it becomes difficult to take an immersive experience of Nagaland as there is a possibility of heavy rainfall. These no doubt Nagaland looks like heaven during heavy monsoons but if you are not confident to visit during rainy days you can avoid visiting Nagaland at this time. However, there is less rush in monsoons so you can get better and cheaper options at hotels and other adventure activities.

November to February

From the month of November till the last days of February remains chilly and too cold and the temperature goes below 5°C and maximum temperature remains no more than 30°C. During winters the locals of Nagaland or the Naga people drown in the festivity mood as their iconic and World known Hornbill Festival is celebrated at this time of the year. Visiting Nagaland in December January all in the month of February feels the coldest among all but someone who loves to travel in winters will find it the most pleasing weather option to reach out to explore Nagaland. 

How To Reach Nagaland

Trying to navigate how to reach Nagaland? If you are finding it difficult to be at a place that goes unheard most of the time even within our country, then worry not and let us help you out through all the way to your tour to Nagaland. Here are all the mode of transportation that is available to reach Nagaland from different parts of the country:-

Note: A few of the major cities of India such as Kolkata and Guwahati are well connected with the biggest city of Nagaland that is Dimapur. The only railway station and airport to reach Nagaland is in Dimapur but the scenic routes through the states of Nagaland is something you cannot miss visiting in this lifetime. 

By Air

Dimapur airport is the only airport in Nagaland located almost 75 km away from it. You can catch your flight to Nagaland from Kolkata or Guwahati. Apart from this major airlines of our country such Air India Regional, IndiGo, and Air India operate regular flights from the metropolis of Delhi Kolkata and Dibrugarh. And if someone is travelling to Nagaland from a broad the only convenient and suitable way to reach by air is taking a flight from Kolkata to Dimapur airport or they can also reach the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati and and the last most suitable option is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata from where they can catch they flights to Dimapur directly. 

By Rail

Railway station networks within our country are so strong but reaching Nagaland from any Indian state other than Assam is not yet possible. So if somebody is trying to reach there by railways then the nearest railway station through which you can reach Nagaland is Dimapur railway station that too is accessible with Assam only. You can reach Assam from there. Or you need to take a train from Assam to Dimapur or travel overnight by bus. 

By Road

If you're planning to reach Nagaland by bus there are a lot more options and the national and state highways are well connected with Nagaland so that travelling by road is not further a daunting task, no matter from which nearby City you are coming from. Or, visitors can travel by bus through an overnight journey from Guwahati and reach Dimapur or other parts of Nagaland that are connected with operational bus services. 

Cuisines to Try in Nagaland

Here are some recommendations for authentic Naga food items that one should try while travelling to Nagaland:-

  • Naga Ghost Pepper Sauce/Bhut Jholokia
  • Bamboo Shoot Curry
  • Axone (Fermented Soybean
  • Anishi (Fermented Yams)
  • Sekmai (Naga Rice Beer)
  • Galho
  • Aikibeye

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