The Sun Rises First Here! Explore Arunachal Pradesh Tour Packages 

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the states that we call seven sisters of northeast India located around the Himalayan ranges giving its travellers a nature's bliss. Arunachal Pradesh is not only known for its natural and spiritual significance, it is also known for its pristine rivers, crystal clear waters, and waterfalls giving the heavenly and soothing abode vibes. Additionally you can experience its rich cultural heritage, festivities and regional cuisines and sample through a comprehensive thrill while being there. 

Even if you are a solo traveller or wanting to travel with your family your friends, Xenium Holidays has created tailor made tour packages of Arunachal Pradesh where we will cater you with adventurous and enchanting major visits spiritual pilgrimage site visits such as Buddhist monasteries and ancient temple complexes surrounded by captivating Himalayan terrains. Apart from that, you will also get to experience the travel and village culture of Arunachal Pradesh while befriending them to get an unforgettable experience. Not only the ancient monasteries situated at the top Hills you will get the adventurous thrill of trekking trails but also you will get an immersive travel experience with verdant valleys, and so on. 

If you are someone who wants to explore the North eastern region of India at its best, we have a list of stand out and exceptional packages for other North eastern states like Odisha, West Bengal, Assam and so on. Go and check out our best Arunachal Pradesh tour packages as well. Get the delight of diving deep into the heart of our country and explore the hidden gems and its unparalleled tapestry. 

Top Places That You Must Visit While Travelling to Arunachal Pradesh

Are you confused about where to travel in Arunachal Pradesh? Do you want some recommendations regarding the hotspots of Arunachal? Here are some of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh that we have just curated for you:-

Sela Pass

This breathtaking mountain pass in Arunachal Pradesh, surrounded by serenity of the Himalayan peaks and it directly connects Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh with other regions of the state. 

Bumla Pass

Bumla Pass is the bridging spot of the Indo Chinese border, also known as the strategic mountain pass notably in the historical tapestry. It acts as a gateway for those who come for pilgrimage to visit the sacred Buddhist monastery of Tsona Gontse.  

Buddhist Monasteries

Arunachal Pradesh is known for its Buddhist culture and monasteries that serve as the pilgrimage sites of Buddhism are generously visited. The architectural masterpieces of these monasteries such as Tawang monastery, Bomdila monastery and Thupsung Dhargye Ling monastery, etc are intricately there to give you an immersive pilgrimage travel experience in Arunachal Pradesh. It is believed that dabang monaster is the place of Mahayana Buddhism that has stunning scriptures. 

Madhuri Lake

Madhuri Lake/Sangetsar Lake is the Bollywood’s favourite spot and offers picturesque vistas of crystal clearwaters that reflect high altitude Himalayan peaks. 

Nuranang Falls

Jang Falls or Nuranang Falls around Tawang district, is known for its beautiful landscapes and cascading waterfalls that connect nature to the pristine beauty offering its visitors a sense of rejuvenation. 

Tawang War Memorial

This memorial in Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh is built to pay homage to our Patriots and Indian soldiers who martyred themselves in the Indo China war of 1962 giving the sense of honour sparkling as a symbolical flame of patriotism and their valour. 

Jaswant Garh

Located nearby the Sela pass of Arunachal Pradesh it is also a memorial which is dedicated to honourable rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat, who fought during Indo China war of 1962 and showed unmatchable bravery which is the tribute to his legacy in form of the memorial. 

Red Panda Spotting

You can also spot red pandas in Namdapha National Park that additionally locates biodiversity and a natural experience of discovering verdant landscapes. 


Trekking trails to Talle Valley

Are you more into trekking or hiking in the mountains? Worry not! Talle Valley in Arunachal Pradesh has got your back where you can experience the thrilling experience of trekking through narrow passages, forest terrains, vibrant flora and fauna, and also get to experience the cultural diversity of indigenous tribal people on your way. Explore the stunning vistas of Arunachal Pradesh for an unmatched nature's splendour, adventurous biodiversity, and soothing landscapes of mother nature. 

Wildlife Spotting and Safari

Spot some wildlife in the dense forest regions of Arunachal Pradesh like snow leopards, elephants, deers and other Jungle species/flora fauna. Namdapha and Pakhui wildlife sanctuaries are the spots where you can go for a wildlife Safari and see how wildlife conservation works. 

River Rafting and Kayaking

If you're fond of river rafting, and Kayaking like water sports in summers then Arunachal Pradesh has got you covered with these adventure sports over and above the pristine rivers, rugged terrains by its sides, and the turbulence of thrill one at a time. Siang and Kameng rivers aur majorly known for these adrenaline rush activities. 

10 Activities to do in Arunachal Pradesh

Are you thinking what are the activities that you can be involved in while travelling to Arunachal Pradesh? Worry not, we have curated a list of 10 adventurous and amazing activities Arunachal Pradesh that you can enjoy while travelling there:-

  • Trekking trails are the most popular activity to do in the Eastern Himalayas
  • River rafting on your mind? Hop on the tour to Arunachal Pradesh and get river rafting experience at the Brahmaputra River
  • Wildlife Safari and wilderness spotting in the Namdapha National Park
  • Visit Tawang Monastery to get sight of Buddhist pilgrimage sites and learn more about the cultural beliefs 
  • Explore the tribal villages in Arunachal Pradesh and get an earthly vibes of Ziro Valley to accentuate your day with a serene retreat
  • Birdwatching in the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can have sight of watching colourful birds and rejuvenate yourself after listening to their chirping music
  • Take a bath in the hot springs in Dirang and get relaxed for the whole day 
  • Angling and fishing adventure
  • Participate in some of the locales traditional festivals like Losar and Nyokum
  • Camping at night and bonfire experience at the scenic landscapes under the starlit skies 

What is the Best Time to Visit Arunachal Pradesh?

There is no definite time to travel to Arunachal Pradesh as it acts as a heavenly tour gateway for everyone visiting for the first time. Arunachal Pradesh is a wonderful state that attracts visitors throughout the year as each season has its unique charm. However, the most suitable and uncomfortable seasons of the year:- 

October to April

This is the peak season to get an unparalleled travelling experience to Arunachal Pradesh when visitors enjoy the most of its pleasant climate, Heritage and sightseeing experience, hiking and trekking, and explore more of its cultural diversity. You can get the breathtaking landscape views of mother nature surrounded by the Himalayan peaks and there is an ambience of festivity throughout Arunachal Pradesh as the localites celebrate Losar and Ziro festivals to add the vibrance of culture and festival colours. 

May to June

Throughout the months of May and June, travellers enjoy the charm of its bustling cities, as soon as the temperature rises up due to summers, it becomes quite difficult to explore outside sightseeing places, but if you want to explore the nature and its best and the beauty of natural landscapes this is the favourable season that you can come to Arunachal Pradesh. Also it is possible to get less crowds at places where you can enjoy adventurous activities or summer sports. 

July to September

The month of July and through September remains a little lacious as it unveils the real Splendour of Arunachal Pradesh. You can visit the major sites of lush green forests, hidden gems of the cascading waterfalls, mesmerising natural background making it an offbeat travelling experience for the visitors. You might consider it one of the most favourable and best times to visit Arunachal Pradesh. 

How do I reach Arunachal Pradesh?

Here are the modes of transportation that you can take to travel through the cities of Arunachal Pradesh:- 

By Air

Moreover, the Lilabari Airport of Assam and the Guwahati International Airport in Guwahati are also prominent gateways for visitors who want to come to Arunachal Pradesh. Proceeding further, they can take a cab, taxi, bus, or any public/personal convenience to reach Arunachal Pradesh.

By Road

Those who want to travel to Arunachal Pradesh can get the most breathtaking and adventurous sight of the cities passing on the route. Assam, West Bengal, and a few other northeastern states are well-connected by roadways with Arunachal Pradesh. For example, travellers coming from Assam can take up the route to Arunachal Pradesh via NH 13 & 15, or with other states and so on. 

By Rail

Three major railway lines are well-connected with the railway junctions of Arunachal Pradesh such as Gumto, Naharlagun, and Bhalukpong. Apart from this, you can also reach Arunachal Pradesh via Harmuti railway station located in Assam. And for further expansion of your Arunachal Pradesh tour, you can take roadways convenience like bus, cab, car rentals, and so on.

Foods to try while visiting Arunachal Pradesh

Want to sample regional and traditional cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh? Hair top 10 recommendations of traditional cuisines from Arunachal Pradesh that you can have while travelling there:-

  • Apong
  • Smoked pork
  • Bamboo shoot curry
  • Pika Pila
  • Momos
  • Lukter
  • Zan
  • Khura
  • Chura Sabji
  • Galho

Popular Arunachal Tour Packages

Arunachal Tour PackagesNight/Day Price
Sikkim to Shillong A Himalyan Trail 7Night / 8DaysRs. 32000
SEVEN SISTERS SAGA 7Night / 8DaysRs. 28000
Arunachal Pradesh to Kaziranga 8Night / 9DaysRs. 36000

Sikkim to Shillong A Himalyan Trail

Duration : 7 Night / 8 Days

Route : Arunachal Pradesh 01N Bhalukphong +4

    Inclusion :
  • Meals
  • Stay
  • Transfer
  • Sightseeing
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Duration : 7 Night / 8 Days

Route : Start from Guwahati 01N Bhalukphong+5

    Inclusion :
  • Meals
  • Stay
  • Transfer
  • Sightseeing
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Arunachal Pradesh to Kaziranga

Duration : 8 Night / 9 Days

Route : Tour start from Guwahati 01N Kaziranga+4

    Inclusion :
  • Meals
  • Stay
  • Transfer
  • Sightseeing
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