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Andhra Pradesh Tour Package: Explore the Land of Temples

Andhra Pradesh is one of the prominent States located in the Southern part of India which has always been the heart of history, nature, and spiritual

aspects in India. Imbibe a mesmerizing travel experience with Andhra Pradesh tourism that will allow you to discover every part of the state with our tailor-made tour packages of Andhra Pradesh. From ancient architectural masterpieces to the natural marble pristine beaches of Visakhapatnam, the majestic hills of Tirupati, and one of the 12 prominent Jyotirlingas in Mallikarjun Temple vibrant local markets of Vijayawada district or be it the pristine backwaters of Kakinada Andhra Pradesh has it all to captivate your concerns giving you the joy of exploration through a multi-dimensional gateway. Additionally, you can satisfy your craving by sampling the authentic Andhra cuisine or getting an immersive travel experience with the landscapes the spice plantation fields, and much more. 

Xenium Holidays has multiple Andhra Pradesh tour packages that will allow you to explore the culture and traditional values of Andhra Pradesh through all new perspectives and the memory of this tour will last forever in your head and heart. 

Top Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh

Most of the time people get confused about where can they travel or where they should head next while traveling to a place with diversity like Andhra Pradesh. Most of the time, people waste their time thinking about the major sightseeing spots, but you would not want this. That’s where the role of Xenium Holidays comes into the picture, we have the perfect travel itineraries to Andhra Pradesh for you. 

Here are some of the highly recommended places to visit in Andhra Pradesh:-


Tirupati is called the abode of Lord Venkateswara which has a prominent place in Hinduism and is renowned by devotees from all across the globe. Sri Venkateswara temple in Tirupati is one of the wealthiest temples. Tirumala Hills houses this Temple on the top of Silathoranam Rock structures. The major attractions of Tirupati are Sri Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala Hills, and Silathoranam.


Visakhapatnam is called the jewel of the east coast and houses several pristine beaches such as Ramakrishna, Rishikonda, and a few others where you can rejuvenate yourself. You can visit

The top attractions in Visakhapatnam are Rishikonda Beach, Ramakrishna Beach, and INS Kursura Submarine Museum (watch the maritime historical briefs of India).


Vijayawada has the historical and religious identification that makes it the land of victory and it houses several must-visit tourist places like Kanaka Durga Temple (on the top of Indrakeeladri Hills), Bhavani Island, Undavalli Caves (prominently ancient Buddhist architectural masterpiece).


Guntur is famously known for its world-class chilies and other Indian household spices that are exported throughout the world. Guntur is also known for its spicy delegation with ancient culinary sciences. The major attractions of Guntur are Amaravati Stupa (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Amaravati Museum, and Guntur Spice Markets.


Amravati has been called a prominent Heritage site for Buddhism that boosts the ancient relics of Buddhism and is also home to Hindu devotees coming for pilgrimage visits. The top tourist attractions of Amravati are Amaravati Stupa, Amareswara Temple (the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva), and Dhyana Buddha Statue.


Srisailam is the place where there is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas inside Mallikarjun Temple nestled in the lap of Nallamala hills. Mallikarjun Temple is visited by tourists every year from every corner of the country and the world. You can also have a sightseeing experience at Srisailam Dam and a wildlife Safari in the Srisailam Tiger reserves. 


It's one of the cities of India where you can watch the historical marvels, the architectural wonders, and the best creations of nature. The top tourist places in Anantapur include Lepakshi Temple (built in Vijayanagara style), The ancient caves of Belum (the longest cave in India), and many more. 


It's a bliss for Kakinada that it's considered to be the gateway of  Konaseema Delta where you can enjoy both riding amid the beauty of nature and love green forest backed with pristine backwater tranquillity. You can also take a visit to Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, and watch a diversity of flora and fauna that are mentioned as endangered or to be extinct soon, spread all across the area.


The suburbs of Kurnool have a historical prominence as it houses the Kurnool fort built in medieval history, Oravakallu Rock Garden, adorned with rock-cut sculptures created with brilliance, all too by nature itself. 


If you are traveling to Andhra Pradesh you cannot miss visiting Nellore, as this city has all the coastal charms, you name it, the pristinely Nellore beaches like Mypadu Beach and Pulicat Lake. You can also take a sightseeing experience of Udayagiri Fort and Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, which are famously known for their intricate carvings and eloquence of historical themes. 


Dive into the ancient architecture of Kadapa such as the ancient caves of  Yaganti (carved and structures by the maharishi Agastya in ancient times), Gandikota Fort, and Belum Caves (known for the stalactite and stalagmite formations by rocky structures).


Home to the arts, crafts, and heritage treasures, Vizianagaram adorns the grandeur of Vizianagaram Fort (built in the Eastern Ganga dynasty), and local markets where you can shop for exquisite handloom, textiles like sarees and other traditional crafts.

5 Things to Do in Andhra Pradesh

In case you are confused about what to do while travelling to Andhra Pradesh here are some activities that you should not miss during a trip to Andhra Pradesh:-


  • Spiritual Pilgrimage that will let you recollect with your soul and conscience by paying a visit to Tirupati, Srisailam, Simhachalam, and other prominent spiritual centers or temples.
  • Retreat at the pristine beaches of Andhra Pradesh including Visakhapatnam, Rishikonda, and Vodarevu, to get involved in exciting and adventurous water sports activities like surfing, snorkeling, and jet skiing.
  • Explore the cultural heritage sites of Andhra Pradesh including Undavalli caves and Amravati Stupa where you can attend folk dance, and traditional arts like Kuchipudi and the Natya shows. 
  • Sample your taste buds with the culinary delights of Andhra Pradesh with specialized curries, sweets like Arasalu and putharekulu, and a plate full of Hyderabad and other flavors of regional biryani.
  • Take a trail to nature sports fill with greenery everywhere such as the eastern Ghats Araku Valley or Hike through the Tirumala hills to get one of the most panoramic landscape views in Andhra Pradesh.

Best Time to Visit Andhra Pradesh

As you all know the southern part of India is most of the time hot and scissors with humidity so it is mandatory to plan your visit to Andhra Pradesh accordingly. Winters are considered to be the ideal season to visit Andhra Pradesh changes from October through February when you can experience pleasant weather that will help you endorse outdoor activities and major sightseeing of the state. 

Furthermore, if you are planning your trip to Andhra Pradesh in this summer or sunny weather, it’s important to note that you should carry some of the important items with you while traveling, like sunglasses, scarfs/stoles, water bottle, sunscreen, and moisturizer, and be hydrated all the time. For your convenience, be at the comfort of a private taxi/cab to avoid sunburns and exhaustion in the humidity, as it can lead you through irritation in moving from one place to another. 

How do I Reach Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh is well-connected by all transportation and travel modes, including airways, railways, and roadways. Know here how you can reach Andhra Pradesh:-

By Air: Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, and Tirupati are the cities that are connected well with domestic and international Airways making it convenient for you to travel from any part of the country and abroad. 

By Train: Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, and Guntur are a few other cities of Andhra Pradesh that are versed with an extensive network of Indian Railways connecting all major and important railway junctions throughout the country travelling to Andhra Pradesh by railways is considered to be more economical and convenient for visitors. 

By Road: all the state bus services or transport systems are connected well with Andhra Pradesh so you can take a State Bus from nearby cities or go by your own vehicle. 

Cuisines You Must Try While Travelling to Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is rich in its culinary sciences and the cuisines/food items that they own are authentically crafted/cooked in Andhra style. Here are some of the top recommendations of delicacies that you should not miss while being there:-

  • Hyderabadi Biryani
  • Gongura Pachadi
  • Royyala Vepudu
  • Pulihora
  • Pesarattu

This was an overall speculation of the whole epics of Andhra Pradesh, but this south Indian state has much more to unfold for its visitors. To explore and discover the multi-dimensional culture and history of Andhra Pradesh, you must visit there at least once in your whole lifetime. If you are worried about how to plan your trip to Andhra Pradesh, reach out to your potential partner Xenium Holidays, and book your Andhra Pradesh Tour package with us right now. 

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