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Festival In Kashmir

770 View Publish on : September-16-2023

3 days, just 3 days, can they have even a little change in your life? Well if these 3 days are invested in travelling then it’s definitely a YES. 6 am in the morning DAD woke us up all ready to go for an outing and at 8 am we were yet wondering what was happening till we heard words from Dad “Mount Abu It Is”… and yes in our car four of us were off for the trip to MOUNT ABU!!! I thank god many times till this very moment that my Camera was fully charged.

Mount Abu famous hill station on the rajasthan border…yes that was all I knew about Mount abu…But while our journey towards this magnificent hill station through the ghats I was sure though our trip was a quick trip it is going to leave one of the deepest imprints of memories on our hearts…

The Roads through mountains towards Mount abu were already making us forget our small worries in this huge world and we were already coming closer not only to the nature but ourselves…that’s all about travelling right we discover some new places, meet new people but most importantly we acknowledge a new version of ourselves.

I still can’t forget the contentment of our cravings by Dal bati Churma…the taste is still unexplainable but whenever I hear someone talking about Mount Abu the first clip that gets played before my eyes is Me and my family having Dal bati churma in its most authentic way in the freezing cold weather of Mount Abu.

No love is more true and pure than the love for food and this hill station at that night already won hearts of four of us by offering us Dal bati Churma.

Yes in that chill weather we were less prepared with our warm clothes…but as soon as we received the warm blankets I couldn’t wait to sleep and get lost in the literally cool dreams about the next day…


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